Robin Plushie: Silly

This little guy was my splurge of the weekend but he was well worth it. He comes with a removable mask, gloves, boots and cape. He’s super adorable and cuddle and I’m so glad that Kitty Kat and Sola convinced me to get him.

I <3 The Cap and I <3 The Bat decals: Artist Unknown

Loki, Thor, Cap, and Erik and Charles Key-chains: Made by the amazing Sola

Robin and Nightwing Stickers: The awesome and talented rizumcchan.deviantart.com


Thor and Loki sticker set: My insanely talented friend Julie

Pepper Potts bust sketch: Once again made by Julie

Pepper Potts bust sketch: By the amazing Sola

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  1. lucya said: I HAVE TO GO TO THE RIVER TO SWIM NOW BUT THIS POST IS SO EXCITING god that robin is so adorable I know you will love him eternally
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