Back from Otakon!

It was super fun but insanely exhausting. Every day felt like it lasted forever, but it was super fun!

Daunt was the sweetest person ever and I was so glad to finally get to hug her in person. I had a ton of fun with her chilling in the Artists Alley despite them being stupid A-holes, but hey. What else is new?

It was so awesome to get to see Nechama, and Kat and Kim again and then to get to meet Liz, Fala, Kara and Tiffany! I hope we’ll be chilling at more cons soon!

I’ll be posting all the commissions I did over on BRJ soon, so keep an eye out for that!

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Dear Fellow Artists going to Otakon…


This is super last minute but are any of you needing another roommate?  I take up very little space, can pay for my part of the room and am willing to crash with my sleeping bag. 

Specifically looking for artists since I’ll be getting up super early to get to the AA every day and having like-minded people around will help me not stress about waking people. :)

Thanks guys!

Signal boost! Daunt is a total sweetie

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SO OTAKON IS GOING REALLY WELL SO FAR. THIS GIRL IS SO HOT I CAN’T CONTAIN IT. I have no camera so I literally forced my friend to snap this with his cell and then text-mail it to me so I could download it and show everyone. BACK TO MAKING MORE KEYCHAINS.

 My favorite cosplay of the entire weekend. The girl was such a sweetheart and the cosplay was really well done.

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