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Just a little quickie, because I got Steph’s book today and she’s just so full of sunshine *A*

Aww Damian and Steph, what could’ve been :<

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So we did a TimKon Cosplay this weekend..

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hi my name is adori and I like to combine things I like……….dont juDGE„,…

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Stephanie Brown: Make way for the Girl Wonder!
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Mattie and Natalie Start a Business!

Hey guys! 

So as some of you may, or may not know, I recently got laid off. I unfortunately cannot live without some sort of income. SO, me and Natalie, being super awesome and creative people have started a jewelry business!

Demon Stone Jewelers: Jewelry for every fandom.

You’ve seen me post some of Natalie’s awesome work before and I’m currently working on some bracelets, earrings and necklaces based on characters from my friend’s Julie, and Ama’s, web comic.

The blog page right now is pretty empty, but we should start filling it up over the next few days. We would really appreciate it if you guys would check it out!

We do plan to attend cons sometime in the near future (late summer, early fall) but in the mean time, if you guys could pimp us out, that would be awesome!

Lots of love, as always,

Mattie and Natalie!

Now for some pictures! Featuring! Natalie’s hands!

Green Lantern

Iron Man



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Jason Todd as Robin. lolololololol

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- Batman and Robin #06 (2009) 

…I like the way you think, JT.

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I want this.


uuu cutie

He is protecting the kitties.

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something is awfully wrong here

or awfully right!

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You called, Commissioner Gordon?

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Tim is just a dog person

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