hi my name is adori and I like to combine things I like……….dont juDGE„,…

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Superman is a bad dad

Out of context domestic disputes over clone children are always so awkward to have in a public place.

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megarinri and rosey-so-silly tumblr DC giveaway


Silly and I were left with a few things after our Artist Alley venture at Otakon 2011 so we decided to give them away to you guys : )! 

What’s included in the giveaway:

  • Superboy plush
  • Harley and Ivy print
  • Miss Martian print
  • Kid Flash and Robin print
  • Kid Flash inspi sketch print
  • Red Hood inspi sketch print
  • Set of Robins stickers
  • Set of Young Justice stickers
  • Robin group sticker
  • KF and Robin sticker


  • You must follow us. Meaning both rosey-so-silly and me, megarinri
  • Must reblog. Just having a “like” doesn’t count.
  • Only reblog ONE time. (We will check.)
  • Ask box must be open. 

The drawing will happen some time on August 31st. We will be using a random number generator to pick the winner. You must have your ask box open because that is how we will be contacting you. If we can’t contact you then we will have to pick someone else.

Good luck :D!

Might be to late, but i’m gonna try anyways, my robin plushie is lonely!

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